Ruby will help you get the right look and can personalise a chosen cut to suit you perfectly. Bring in a sample picture or create a style with us.


We can creatively style your hair, helping you achieve new looks all the time or for special occasions. We can style all types of hair, straight, curly, set, straighten, wave, curl or just enhance your natural look. Executive styling, formal wedding styling, to your preferences any day, giving you a variety of superb finishes to walk out with.


We can straighten curly hair, curl straight hair or add waves and volume to enhance your natural styling.

You have the opportunity to choose your preferred product from our in-shop stand.

In order for us to keep prices low, we charge you only for our skill and time.

Ladies Wash, Cut & Finish

from £31.50

Blow-dry - Short

from £16.50

Blow-dry - Long

from £21.00

Gents Wash, Cut & Finish

from £18.00

Gents Dry Cut

from £14.50

Ladies Dry Cut

from £16.50

Wet Cut

from £18.50

Hair Up

from £20.00

Curls (only)

from £10.00

Straightening (only)

from £7.00