For a new look, you can consider colouring to change your existing hair or to enhance your natural hair colour. We do from semi-permanent to permanent tint colour that lasts for a month before you retouch your roots again and blend the colour back in.

You have the opportunity to choose your preferred product range which may be from our in shop product stand of professional range.

The amount of product needed would depend on the length and density of your hair. You can have your free consultation with Ruby to determine the amount your hair needs before any purchase is made. You buy and pay for only what you need – keeping in your budget.

It is salon policy to have a relevant skin test 48 hours before your appointment. All clients are more than welcome to come for a complimentary consultation.

Late cancellation fees apply.




from £27.50

Full Head Colour

from £37.50

Full Head Highlights - Long

from £63.00

Full Head Highlights - Short

from £50.00

Half Head Highlights - Long

from £48.00

Half Head Highlights - Short

from £38.00

Scattering of Highlights

from £15.00

Additional Colour

from £10.00


from £12.00


Treatment Menu

Intense Conditioning (treatment range to suit each persons hair needs)

from £2.50

In-salon Reconstructor

from £10.00


Hair Extension Service

BALMAIN (consultation required) - deposit required on booking



* All prices shown are exclusive of any other service.