A Children’s ‘ Wash, Cut and Finish’ means the full works or a restyle;  Maybe it’s time to go from long to short hair or a bob to a pixie cut – maybe you have a little princess who likes their hair washed and blow dried? Hair cuts can be a stressful thing for a little one, and we totally understand this.

If your baby or toddler is nervous, then we are quite happy for you to bring them in over and over, to sit in the waiting area and have a biscuit, until they are more comfortable in the salon.  Equally if you have a child with additional needs, bring them over to see us so they can understand what goes on. We recommend that you wash their hair at home if they tend to be nervous, so that they just have a quick ‘Dry Cut’ until they are more settled.

If they get upset during a cut, we’ll just stop.  Not a problem at all and no charge to you.  It’s much better that they learn to enjoy a hair cut, than are forced.

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